Finishes and cuts: a broad range of choices

Cutting-edge processing techniques

Equipped for any necessity

We can guarantee the utmost efficiency, reliability and quality of the processed products thanks to our extensive operating versatility, which derives from the expertise of our personnel and the innovative technologies at their disposal.

Our laboratory is equipped with various cutting-edge machines, including 5-axis milling machines with numerical control, water jet cutting machines, edge polishers and cutting centres for processing marble, granites and any type of agglomerate.

Moreover, we have a stacking and packaging station that inserts the tiles in cardboard boxes aligned with the mill on a belt, and a bevelling machine to process stone with the utmost precision.

We have also recently introduced a new automated functional machine, which allows us to carry out special processes such as drips, drilling, kerf, stubbing kerf, 45° angle, linear stubbing and drilling with flaring.


Our production range includes floors and coverings for the building sector and various processed items such as ladders, kitchen worktops, bathroom tops, shower trays, tables and whatever can be manufactured starting from a flat surface.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the end result lives up to their expectations, putting the utmost care into every detail during the finishing phase before the goods are packaged and shipped.

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