For 40 years a reference point

Innovation, Technique and Tradition combined in a single company

San Rocco, the excellence of marble processing

San Rocco started doing business in 1981, engaging almost exclusively in the production of terrazzo floor tiles. Thanks to its extensive specialisation, the company was gradually involved in large-scale projects both in Italy and abroad, especially in the United States with the processing of premium-quality Italian marbles such as Rosso Verona, Carrara and Botticino.

In recent years, San Rocco has expanded its activities to include a broad range of contract works, with a unique vision of the product merging tradition, experimentation and technology to perfection.



Thanks to the technology of our machines and the flexibility of the plants we use, at San Rocco we can satisfy any customer request, whether large or small.


m² of industrial sheds




Years of experience on the field have enabled us to learn and develop new technological concepts to improve our work and make it more competitive. In order to constantly renew our offer and fulfil the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele acutely aware of its desires, the company has developed new solutions for processing marble and stone, relying on increasingly advanced technologies.

San Rocco offers guaranteed experience, reliability and precision.